Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 more days!!!

5 more days... 5 more days!!!! That is such a small amount of time. I totally got this challenge! Today at lunch everyone had burritos and quesadilla's from a new mexican place but I had my salad. I did have avacado and salsa but no cheese, chips, sour cream, rice or beans. Not even 1 chip! Nope. It all smelled so delicious but none for me! I got this :) I know I have said this before but I got this challenge! It's funny, in the beginning would think about my finish meal all the time. Knowing in 28, 25, 15 days I could have chocolate or pizza was very all i could think about. I'm not thinking about it anymore. yes, i want toast that is a given but I'm not obsessing about it like i used it. My friends at work say that I'm talking more about food and maybe I am but I guess it's better to talk about it than eat it. Not only am I seeing results in my waist I think my feet are shrinking. I have the hardest time finding boots that fit. Wide calf or not, it seems i could never find boots to fit. I finally found Fitzwell boots called Syrup 2 years ago that changed my life! They fit perfect and are super comfy. I've noticed that the boots are getting a little bigger. I'm excited to keep this diet up and come next fall I may be shopping for normal boots nbot wide calf! Keep Calm and New shoe shopping!

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