Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Monday

Monday Monday, da dah, dah dah dah dah. Who knows that Mama's and Papa's Song? I confess I was listening to it on the way into work this morning. I'm so exicted that today is the start of Week 2! That mean's i'm 25% done with this challenge. Oh what a day. I had a back to back meetings all day and I'm still sitting at my desk at 7:15pm. I had to take a break from working on my report and decided to write in the blog. I had a Great workout this morning at Crossfit with rounds of rowing, ball slams and ab mat situps. I'm glad I got the workout over with early as I would definitely not being working out when I leave here around 8pm. A big shout out to my friend Linda at Crossfit to brought me Tessemae's Lemon Chesapeake salad dressing from Whole Foods to put on my salad today. It was so delicious and maybe one of the best tasting things I have had in over a week! Thank you Linda! When I finally get home tonight I'm excited to try my roommates Ali's Paleo Buffalo Chili. I'm super stressed out at work and really want to give in an have a comfort food tonight but I'm staying strong. It's emotional eating that has probably lead to the additional weight I'm trying to lose and I'm not going to let get the best of me. Keep Calm and Week 2!

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