Friday, January 11, 2013


Well I knew it would be a crazy day when my alarm didn't go off and I casually woke up at 6:01am. My alarm was supposed to go off at 5:33am so that I could make it to Crossfit for 6am. Well made it to class for 6:08 and only missed a few stretches. It was a great workout with back squats, wall balls, burpees and an 800 meter run. I was definitely tried at the end. I raced home and took a quick shower. I thought the best part of today was that I didn't wake up nauseas - I was wrong. The best part of today is that my jeans for a little loose!!! Wow - after only after a few days , I may have lost some weight! I'm Not getting on the scale till the end but I gotta believe that looser fitting jeans is a sign. Work was super crazy stressful busy. Honestly - I hated today. That new project I'm assigned to is stressing me way too much and I have to work on it this weekend:( hopefully it will get easier but right now I'm miserable. Food choices today were good - hard boiled eggs and salami for breakfast, salad with chicken and strawberries for lunch and ahi tuna for dinner! Very satisfied and it was all delicious! I did have a moment at work today. Some devil left a huge package of. Chewy chocolate chip cookies in our break area. I actually smelled the cookies but did not touch or taste! I just told myself they were poison and walked away! Tomorrow I'm heading out shopping with a good friendl and I'm meeting a friend from college for dinner. My whole 30 challenge will really be put to the test tomorrow! Positive thoughts that I will have the will power to make whole30 choices!!!
Keep calm and TGIF

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