Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 Weeks Done!

Today is day 14 - woohoo 2 weeks down on the challenge and I'm doing great! The weekends are definitely a lot harder with more temptations but I'm staying strong. It's mind over matter at this point. Today for lunch I made chicken salad with just mustard. Not bad - it wasn't your typical chicken salad with mayo or waldorf chicken salad with mayo, grapes and walnuts but it was good. It had a little kick! I will probably make it again even when I'm not on this challenge. I bought new sneakers today. Brooks brand. I've never worn Brooks sneakers before (i'm an asics girl) but 2 friends who crossfit reccomended them and they are cheaper than Reebok Nano's. They are purple, blue, black and silver. I like them so far but tomorrow will be the test when I use them at Crossfit. I'm so excited to NOT have to go to Crossfit at 6am tomorrow. I'm off from work so I'm going to enjoy sleeping in a little later and probably go to the 9am class. I was very productive today and cleaned out my closet. Since I'm getting organized in my diet I should be getting organized in my house. I Made 2 bags for Goodwill, 1 bag for consignment and took 3 bags to garbage! Don't you feel so accomplished when you do a big clean? I know I do! I moved into my house 2 years ago and I found items that were neer worn since I moved and I even found a sweatshirt that was still in the Marshall's bag! It was like getting a present for all my hard work so far on the challenge. Keep Calm and stay organized!

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