Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dinner parties!

Dinner parties are so fun! I love hosting and I love going to them. Being on this Whole 30 challenge has proven to be a little difficult. There are so many tasty foods that are not whole 30 approved. Dips, appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, and of course desserts! Tonight I went to a dinner party with work friends. Some are current colleagues and others are friends who left the company over the past year. Those i work with now know of me diet and were very supportive. Those who I hadn't seen where very interested in learning about it and complimented me on saying I'm looking skinny! Skinny - I wouldn't say that but clothes are definitely fitting better!
I knew the menu beforehand and the host was awesome in letting me know all the ingredients. I didn't want to show up and not eat anything so I made sure to bring some foods I new I could eat. I ate prior to going as well so I wouldn't be hungry and tempted to cheat. I also brought flavored seltzer with me so that I would be able to have a drink besides water. The party was great. To compromise - I took home a small piece of the hosts famous joe Torre corn bread - it is out of this world good. I put it in the freezer and I will enjoy it in 10 days!!! Dinner parties can still be fun on the paleo challenge you just have to prep in advance!
Keep calm and dinner party on!

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