Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what do you mean the superbowl is during my 30 day challenge?

OMG - how did I just realize today that the SuperBowl is during this 30 day challenge! The SuperBowl! The Mega Event of Food! The feast only 2nd to Thanksgiving! The day I love to watch New Commericals, the halftime show and Eli Manning if he is playing! I LOVE The Superbowl!!!! I was already planning what fun dessert or appetizer I would bring to the party! Say it ain't so that I Won't be able to have the Buffalo Chicken dip, nachos, mini hotdogs, brownies and chips! Beer!!! No BEER!!!! Say it ain't so!!! OMG - NOooooooo!!!!! ahhhh Now I know the point of this challenge is to get over these cravings and train youself to not want these foods but it's the SUPERBOWL! The Superbowl of food and I can't partake in it this year! ok, enough of my complaining - i'll be fine but I'm really upset that I won't be able to partake in one of America's greatest traditions! Maybe the SuperBowl is the cause of America's obesity? Maybe it's this one event that has allowed millions of people to overindulge in fatty unhealthy food? Maybe cancelling the Superbowl would make America healthier? hmmm I'll be fine with my seltzer, my veggie and fruit plate, my uncured salami slices. I'll be fine really, well I hope so :) Can we have a 28 day challenge? Today was superstessful at work. Again I'm here past 8pm. I'd love to go home and have a comfort food or wine but I'm still not giving in. Tonight's dinner is a new recipe I saw for Tunafish with olives, parsley, lemon, tomatoes and olive oil. It also calls for capers but I couldn't find any paleo approved so i'm leaving them out. Keep Calm and Healthy SuperBowl Strong!

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