Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week One is DONE!

Woohoo - week 1 is over. Hallejuah! It was not not not easy! Seriously - if anyone ever said it's easy to change your eating habits by drastically removing sugar, carbs and dairy - they were on drugs. I was nauseous, headachy, cranky, stressed, hungry, complaintive but also somehow also energized and excited. As I said in my earlier blogs, I miss carbs. I do, I still want a piece of bread but I'm feeling good and not going to give in. The ahmazzing feeling of having my jeans fit better after 1 week is enough motivation to keep it going. This morning I woke up early to attend a group flex weight class at the other gym i belong to. There was a sub an the class turned more into a cardio class wtih a few weight intervals. Very different than the type of group class I've grown to know at Crossfit. it was a nice change of pace. I then went to the grocery store and did my shopping for the week. i only shopped the perimeter of the store and wasn't even tempted to sneak down another asile. I do have to return to items... I bought Stop and Shop natures Promise Chicken Sausage. I read the ingredients but failed to see the ingredeint citric juice and now I have to return it. I also bought another brand of unsweetened coconut milk but upon further inspection at home this also is NOT paleo friendly. Breakfast was scarmmbled eggs and a clementine. Lunch was Applegate salami and a green salad with a few olives. For dinner tonight I attempted a recipe from Ginger apple pork. In the crockpot you combine a pork shoulder, apples, onions, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper. Set for 6 hours on high and Voila! You are supposed to add honey but since that is 100% not paleo I did not include. Verdict... good but not great. Maybe it's because I dont love ginger. i thought the cinnamon and apple flavor would be stronger but the ginger was the most dominant. All in all it was good and now I have lunch tomorrow. Tonight is the Golden Globes and normally I'd have a fun dessert to watch the show. I'm a sucker for these awards shows and red carpet specials. I'd love to have some frozen yogurt right now or a cookie but tonight I'll be having either a banana and some almond butter or a few plantain chips. This is hard, it really is. I'm being honest, i really want to cheat and have a treat because all this meat and veggies is getting old. I just have to stay strong and remember how good I feel and how I'm bettering myself eating this very healthy lifestyle. Keep Calm and 1 week OVER!!!

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