Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday's come too soon!

The weekend is sadly almost over and I survived 2 parties! Today I was with friends celabrating my friend Erin and Brian's son Ben 2nd Birthday! Happy Birthday Bubba! A great party fit with Thomas the Train Funfetti cupcakes with homeade frosting. It was so hard to resit the dessert,appetizers and pizza but I did. I came armed with plantain chips with fresh salsa and my seltzer. I want to just take a moment and thank whomever created natural flavored seltzer! Thank you Thank you! Without seltzer I would have probably cracked and quit the challenge. Water is fine but I need the carbonation. Todays food worked out fine but boy did I want to try a cupcake. Especially after I saw the birthday boy dig in for cupcake #2. I've realized over the past 3 weeks that I go to a lot of parties and social events that have foods not paleo approved. I've realized that going to these types of events are fun and delicious but have probably been the reason for the added inches on my waistline. When this 30 day challenge is over I don't plan on going back to my old way of eating but I do plan on having a glass of wine or a half a cupcake at a birthday party. If I can live a paleo lifestyle 90% of the time and only occasionaly have a food not paleo approved I think I will still feel good and still be able to live healthy. I'm not saying I'm going to have beer and pizza every weekend. No that's not the case at all. However, if I continue to eat whole 30 during the week and want pizza and beer on saturday night with friends I'm going to do so. I'm sure my system will not allow me to eat pizza like I used to which is a good thing. I think I have definitely lost weight during this challenge. As someone who has struggled with losing weight her whole life, I don't want to gain it all back in 2 days. The will power and dedication these past 21 days has been very hard and I don't want it to be for nothing. I need to find the right balance and I'm confidant I can continue to lose weight, get strong and stay healthy! ok, time for SAG awards. I'm such a sucker for awards shows. If we could only skip the speeches. Keep Calm and Love Seltzer.

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