Monday, January 28, 2013

1 Week to go!

This is it... don't get scared now! (You all better know what movie that quote is from!) only 1 week to go. I can't believe I am down to the final count down of this challenge. It's actually getting easier and easier everyday to make smart food choices and I'm feeling GREAT! Today I wore a skirt to work that I had to roll over to fit. When I got to work I realized how big and frumpy the skirt looked so I went to the bathroom and rolled the waistband over to make it fit! It was such an AWESOME feeling! I'm retiring this skirt to the "fat" pile and hope it never fits again! Tonight for dinner I made my favorite pistachio pesto! It's so delish and so filling. You don't even miss the parmesean cheese that is normally in pesto! Combined with spaghetti squash and chicken - it's the perfect meal! Everyone at work keeps asking me what I'm going to eat when this challenge is over. Honestly, I totally thought I would want chocolate, cookies, fries, cheese, pizza, ice cream etc. Nope, I still really want some toast and I'll be good to go. This new way of eating is very filling and has become very satisfying. I also have a new personal record to report today. Today at Crossfit for the WOD ( workout of day) I used the White Kettle bell. That is 44lbs of kettle bell swinging 7 times a minute for 12 mins for a total of 84 swings! Thank you very much :) Keep Calm and Kettle bell on!

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