Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 1

Well today is the day - the start of the Whole 30 Challenge ( Paleo Diet). The day started with a very intense crossfit workout. The alarm went off at 5:29am and I immediately had a moment of OMG - it's so early, it's Monday and Today starts a New beginning. The 6am workout was no joke, row 1000 meters, 50 wall balls, 40 ab mat situps, 30 hand release pushups, 20 box jumps and 40 burpees. yes, 40 burpees to end the workout. To anyone who doesn't know what a burpee is, I suggest looking it up and trying a few. They are no joke! My time complete that workout was 17:40. Slower than I would have liked but I'm pumped and ready to smoke that time in 30 days when I do the workout again! With the workout over it's on to a day of crazy meetings and of new eating. Breakfast - scrammbled eggs with fresh salsa and 2 strips of uncured bacon Snack - small banana Lunch - salmon with lemon, celery sticks and a little almond butter, seltzer Snack- orange Dinner - remainder of my salmon, half a avacado and roasted asparagus. *8 classes of water today and a 1/2 cup of iced coffee. Now to anyone who knows me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Iced Coffee. I drink it everyday regardless of the weather ( yes, i'll order it when it's snowing out no matter how many times the Dunkin Donuts clerk asks me for HOT) basically black with just a splash of milk. Without the milk - ugh, it tasted so bitter and it was awful. I did kind of had a headache this morning which i'm sure was from caffeine withdrawl. I'll have to find another option to drink it. Maybe with coconut milk? The hardest part of today was being at work when there was pizza, cookies, honey roasted peanuts and toffee bark. Seems the Holiday treats have not left the building. I told myself and everyone who was eating around me that those items were poison and to just tell me that they were awful. haha - seemed to work. Tonight is a great night of TV with the Irish playing for the title, return of the Bachelor, Biggest Loser and Bunheads. Normally I'd have a treat to watch or a glass of wine. Tonight I'll be enjoying maybe a few almonds. To be honest I'm not even hungry so that is a good thing! Keep Calm and Day 1!


  1. I'll apologize for all of us in 6Q for peer pressuring you into that iced coffee addiction. You Go, Smare!

    1. hahah - yes, it was the 6Q pressure to start drinking the coffee. I can actually still remember my first DD Iced Coffee. I think it was on the cape on our way to craigville beach :) No worries, I'm going to try it with Coconut milk this morning.

  2. Sarah! How's the conconut milk? I keep looking for a milk substitute in my coffee w/ no good result. Almond cocunut soy milk suck! What did you find so far? - Maggie