Saturday, January 12, 2013

First Saturday!

Love love love my weekends - especially after a long work week. Today I had a great day shopping with my friend Erin and even scored a New Pair of Paige jeans. Side note - I totally recommend Nordstroms for jeans. Free alterations!!!! I was a little worried that I would be tempted to go off the Whole30 challenge but armed with snacks and good food choices I was all set. Tonight though is a different story - I'm going out to dinner with a friend from college That i haven't seen in a few years. I chose an organic burger place because I know I can at least have a plain burger with all the veggie toppings they have. I'll refrain from any potato side because I'm not sure how they make the sweet potato fries. Maybe they have baked sweet potatoes but if not I'll just have a side salad. Normally I'd have beer or vodka tonic but tonight it's seltzer with lime. It's no doubt going to be very hard because I love cheeseburgers and fries but I'm staying strong on my first Saturday night out!
Keep calm and hamburger on!

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