Friday, January 25, 2013

Ugly sweater contest

Today at work Marketing sponsored an Ugly Sweater Contest! There were a range of sweaters from holiday themes, colorful and too many stripes, putrid solid colors, and over bedazzeled. Luckily for me - my mom has a collection of what she calls elementary school teacher sweaters. She claims the little 2nd graders love them but I secretly think she likes them. I wore her Halloween sweatshirt that was complete with haunted houses, dancing candy corn and ghosts. I also wore my roommates candy corn shoes! A nicely coordinated outfit but so ugly! Along with the sweater contest - there was free lunch. Sub sandwiches, chips, cookies, dips and more! Luckily there was also fruit salad, apple slices, clementines and nuts. I really wanted to try the homemade cookies and Oreo bars but totally resisted. I didn't even want to eat the whole bar it was more that I love to bake and I wanted to taste it. I still am not craving sweets just - toast! Ha . Darn toast... Why do I want you so bad? I want diner toast and a large stack of it! 11 more days. I can't believe it - only 11 to go. It won't be easy - I have two parties this weekend. I plan on bringing healthy paleo approved snacks to both. At crossfit today I had my new personal best in back squats - 135lbs!!
Keep calm and Hooray for weekend!

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