Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Bought, sliced and seeded my first pomegranate . Verdict .... Ahmazzing! Very messy but so so tasty! I love it. If I can't have Craisins, Pomegranates are an even better solution. I love the tartness, juiciness and texture. Oh pomegranates where have you been all my life! Today I had a business meeting at another office. Went to the cafeteria to get a salad. I huge office - I for sure thought the salad bar would be great. OMG- Terrible. My salad was only lettuce , cucumbers, carrots,, red peppers and chicken with olive oil and red wine vinegar. So boring and so not filling. Good thing I bought some nuts and green apple with me. I've found that brining good snacks with me wherever I go is KEY to maintaining this diet. Without snacks I would be eating my arm or would have definitely failed on this challenge. Keep calm and love Pomegranate!

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