Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Paleo Eve

On the Eve of my new beginning I'm feeling very full. I have endulged this weekend having many of my favorite foods in what felt like the last supper(s). I had Pizza,wine, bagel,munchkin, Chocolate, cheese, chips, ice cream, some sweedish fish candy ( my absolute favorite) and soda. I ate like I was a 13 year old boy and it all tasted so delicious. I do feel a little gross but every bite tasted so so good I couldn't stop. I won't be having any of these foods for a long time if I continue to live with the Paleo lifestyle so I don't feel that guilty about it. After this gym this morning I went to the grocery store and spent more money than I usually do on a weeks worth of food. I only shopped the perimeter of the grocery store and it was easy. I bought lots of fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and bought organic meat. After I put it all away I made Kale Chips! I had heard they taste like potato chips and are pretty healthy. They came out great( don't smell that gpod) but the are cripsy and will hopefully satisfy my crunchy salt craving this week. They were super easy to make, just wash and dry COMPLETELY Kale leaves, cut or tear into small pieces, toss with olive oil and sea salt. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 15 mins or until cripy. As part of the challenge at Crossfit I have to take a picture of myself in a bathing suit and send in. I'm beyond terrified of this. As someone who has never worn a Bikini the thought of taking a picture of my stomach to send to someone scares me more than anything including spiders. To those who know me - you know how absolutely frightened I am of Spiders so this is a BIG DEAL. I'll take the picture tomorrow on day 1 but may need some help pressing send to the email. My hopes is that in sending this absolutley embarassing photo, it will be sending away the current me and next time I take a picture it will be about showing off the New and Improved me :) Keep Calm and Kale Chip On

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