Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No more eggs for Breakfast!

It's been almost 30 days of eggs for Breakfast and I'm flat out TIRED of Eggs. I used to eat everything from egg sandwiches, eggo with peanut butter, fruit, cereal, bagel, muffin etc. For this challenge I've been very good about eating a protein filled breakfast and eggs and bacon are my go to meal. I've made the eggs every way possible and I'm Tired of them. This morning I had something new. I had 2 chicken sausages! Last night I grilled the sausage so that this morning I just had to reheat. It was delicious and very filling. This challenge has taught me that it's very important to have protein in the morning. I realized that if I ate oatmeal or a carb I was satisfed for a little but was always hungry for a snack by 9:30. Now I am satisfied till 10:30ish when I have my snack of nuts or banana. I'm super excited to get on the scale next week because friends at work are telling me that I'm looking great and skinny! let's be real... I'm not skinny but it's definitely nice to hear. My clothes are definitely starting to get a little baggy so i'm sure that is why people are saying i'm looking good. My work friends are so great - they have supported me 100% on this challenge and are very encouraging when I have said no to treats in the office. whenever somoene had a carb or sweet treat around I would just say "it's poison" and walk away. Now when others are reaching for the cookie and I am near by they say it's posison as well! haha ya know, they say you have to do something for 21 days before it becomes a habit. I believe that - today is the 24th day of this challenge and the first 3 week sugar and carb cravings are gone. yes, i would eat a chocolate or piece of bread because it tastes good but i'm not Craving it by any mean. I'm very satisfied with my meals. I've had no stomach issues infact my stomach has been the best it's been in probably 2 years. Keep Calm and Breakfast Strong!

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