Friday, January 18, 2013

I feel guilty using toothpaste

Quote of the day from my friend Barbi who is also a crossfitter and in the whole 30 challenge "I feel guilty brushing my teeth with toothpaste - it tastes so good!" Hahah - I never even thought about that. I brush my teeth with either crest or Colgate whitening toothpaste. It's mint flavored. I never even thought about the taste or ingredients in tooth paste and if they are paleo approved or not. Thinking about it now - my sparkling mint toothpaste probably isn't approved but you have to brush your teeth!
Today at work there were New York bagels everywhere! Everywhere! I love a New York bagels! Especially an everything bagel with veggie cream cheese! While everyone was enjoying g a Friday morning treat I was good was still full from my scrambles eggs and salami slices. Then at lunch - the marketing department had a meeting with deli sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies!!! Good thing I brought my salad and grilled chicken with my green dressing. Finally at 3pm they surprised a coworker with stew Leonard's birthday cupcakes. Again I resisted and had a few nuts. It's getting much easier to say no to these foods but I still have a moment when I say - dam I wish I could have a taste. Tonight for dinner I had a baked sweet potato with cinnamon and appelgate hotdogs and mustard. The hotdogs were delicious! I totally recommend them! I'm super super super excited for a 3 day weekend! It will be a little challenging because I'm home and not as regimented as I am during the week. Normally on a long weekend - I'd go out to dinner twice or definitely meet friends for drinks. I'm sticking to my seltzer and if I do go out ill make sure to ask and make the right choices. Keep calm and enjoy a Long weekend!!!

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