Tuesday, January 8, 2013


TOAST TOAST TOAST... all I want is a piece of TOAST! A friend at work was talking to me and I was involved in the conversation but all I could think about is TOAST. Warm crunchy on the outside toast! Not gourment multigrain bread.. I'm talking Wonderbread White Toast with maybe some butter.ooo butter... OK besides my craving for TOAST it was an ok day. I woke up feeling a little queezy ( not 100% sure why) so all I had was coffee till 10am when I then had a small banana. Lunch was leftover roasted asparagus, some steak tips that I cooked last night for lunch today and a green apple with some almond butter. Very satisfying! On my drive home from work all I could still think about was TOAST. I turned up the Broadway station on XM radio a little louder to belt out a few tunes and my thoughts of Toast faded. I decided that I would make Spaghetti Squash with meat sauce for dinner. I was pleasantly surprised with the easiness of the preparation and the taste was quite good. If you close your eyes you can kind of forget that it's not Pasta. I said kind of :) TOAST!!!! Tomorrow is going to be a little harder. I'm heading into the city for work and there will no doubtly be lots of temptations and we will probably be eating out. I'll just have to be that girl who asks how each item is prepared to make sure there are no ingredients that I can't eat. From what friends have told me the first 4 days are the hardest. I'm half way in so hopefully it will get easier. Keep Calm and Toast

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