Saturday, January 19, 2013

Healthy movie snacks

I saw Silver Lining Playbook today! Great movie - love Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence was outstanding. The temptation at the movies with the smell of buttery popcorn and fountain soda was torture but I 100% resisted and brought with me a lime seltzer to drink and a snack size bag of nuts. Very satisfying but I still craved the popcorn. I think I was craving it so much because I associate movie theater movies with popcorn. Simple as that. Just as I'm training myself to not want sugar and carbs, need to rethink what foods I associate with pleasure. Lunch and dinner I have no trouble finding meal options. I'm starting to get sick of eggs for breakfast - need to find another option. Today's workout was a doozy! Walk and lift a keg over a bar, 10 wall balls and then run 400 meters. As many rounds as you can in 20 mins. My team completed 5 rounds but only 4.5 in time allowed. I hate running - it's getting a little easier each time but running today in a crisp 45 degrees did not help my cause. Long weekend ahead and I need new sneakers. I broke mine on Friday doing mountain climbers.
Keep calm and shoe shop!

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