Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I workout!

Today was jam packed for me at work. I was up early and couldn't go to my normal Wednesday morning crossfit class because I was getting picked up for work and heading into NYC. My job with Wisk Detergent has a new spokesperson - Jackie Warner, fitness guru. She is truly amazing and such a nice person. Well I was all stressed out about what I was going to eat because I will be in the city and not able to make all my meals. Well turns out it didn't matter because I was nauseous all day. I had scrambled eggs with salsa and 2 strips of bacon for breakfast and iced coffee. Fine - no problems. Around 9am I was not feeling so good. Headache and upset stomach. Then on the drive into the city I was multi tasking and I think the crazy cab driver and typing on my iPhone made it worse. While everyone ordered lunch I ordered a plain salad as fruit cup. All I was able to stomach was some grapes and few prices of lettuce. Finally around 4 I felt a little better and had a seltzer and an apple. Now I know it's more fruit than I probably should have had but it's all I could eat. 530 came and it was time to take Jackie Warner's bootcamp! Omg - no joke! Her class was Awesome and she incorporated many crossfit elements! A real motivator and hardcore workout guru. You go Jackie! I was very proud of myself was being one of the better class participants and for being able to do everything without stopping. I was definitely sweating at the end and out of breathe but I survived. Now I was hungry. There is a great salad place called Chopt right next to the gum. So perfect - create our own salad. Headed right over and created a salad of all approved veggies and grilled chicken they even had a dressing of just avocado, garlic, cilantro and lime! I asked to see th nutrition and they had all the ingredients so I know I was ok. It was a long day and I'm in the car heading home. Thank goodness for a car service! Keep calm and Jackie strong!


  1. What do you put in your iced coffee?

    1. i've tried Trader Joes unsweetend coconut milk. it's not bad but it helps. i'm still looking for a good one.