Thursday, January 17, 2013

Charlie got a haircut

Charlie is the name of my friend PJ's dog. He is the most adoroable peekapoo i've ever seen. EVER! Charlie has no reference to my paleo diet challenge but Charlie got a haircut today kept popping up in conversaton today at work and I felt I should include him in my blog. Today was a good day of eating. Scrambled Eggs and spinach for breakfast, nuts for a snack, salad with chicken and my green sauce dressing and some plantain chips for lunch, banana for snack and not sure what i'll do for dinner tonight. I'm on the board of my condo association. TOnight we have a meeting. Normally after these LONG drawn out policy/procedue meetings some of us get together at the bar to unwind with dinner and a beer. I definitely won't be having the beer or wine but I would like to go out afterwards. I think my best plan is to run home, grab a snack so i'm not starving during the meeting and opt not to eat out. Eating out is really hard during this challenge. You never know how the food is prepared. You can so no butter to your waiter but do yo really know if the chef isn't cooking with it? I love eating out. I do, I get excited when I go on vacation because I know I'll be getting to eat out at new restaurants or some of my favorites that I go to once a year. Speaking of that... I need to plan my 2013 vacation. So many places I'd like to go. Napa, San Fran, Las Vegas, Hawaii, FL, Charleston, TX, Paris, Italy... list goes on and on. I better start planning and start saving! 1/3 of the way done with this challenge! Keep calm and plan a vacation!

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