Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Day off from Work!

I am so happy and excited to have TODAY off from work! I've had a great day - I slept in, went to crossfit, shopped, visited my friend and baby at her new house and enjoyed a stress free day away from the office! It was also President Obama's Inauguration. Is it bad that I was more excited to see what Michelle and the girls would be wearing than the actual Oath? Crossfit this morning was great - i'm getting a little better on my assisted pullups and working at my "l" sits. I'm not at the L yet but squat knees and a regular plank will help me get there. Today is the final day of the long weekend and I made it through eating all approved foods and I'm still in the challenge. Breakfast was eggs and bacon, snack 1/2 babana, lunch was little odd because I ate breakfast later and I was out and about. I had some plantain chips with quacamole, cashews and my other half of banana. For dinner I'm either going to have grilled chicken salad made with mustard or finish the italian sausage or go back out to the store to get the spaghetti squash I forget and make pesto out of basil and pistachios. I can't believe I'm already on week 3. It feels great and I'm so proud of myself to focusing and staying on track. I love the Food Network! It's like my saturday morning cartoons. I could watch it all day. Watching it over the past few days, I've realized 90% of what the chefs are making is not PALEO freindly. There are white carbs, dairy, sugar etc... Wouldn't it be great if there was show where all the recipes were paleo friendly? OMG - I think I should email the FN and tell them about my idea! I could even host it :) Keep Calm and Next Food Network Star....

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  1. I also luv FN! I always say they dont have enough health conscious shows! I watch it anyway and think up ways of making the recipes healthy, than serve them to the family. They're not all a success but some are great! You should do it!