Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl!

It's halftime and I just lost out on $150 and $500 in work pools. I am not rooting specifically for either the Ravens or the 49ers but really 49ers. You had to go for the kick? Ugh - oh well I still have 2 more quarters to win! I'm excited to see Beyonce perform. Maybe a little Jayz or Destiny Child reunion? We shall see! Food wise I've been fine. Sure I'd like to have some pizza or potato chips and onion dip but I'm good. Only 2 more days and this challenge is over. I have my sales meeting this week so I won't be able to do my normal schedule of Crossfit. I will be doing my last workout tomorrow and I'm actually really excited for it. I know I e gotten stronger and faster so I should definitely beat my time from last time! I'm also going to weigh myself tomorrow. I'm hoping for at least a 5 - 10lb weight loss. As I've said before - I totally plan on keeping this diet up during the week. Keep calm and Beyonce time!

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