Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I can't believe I Lost 10 pounds!!!!

Today is the LAST day of the Whole30 , Paleo challenge and I can't even believe it, I weighed myself and I lost 10.2 lbs!!! Never, I mean NEVER have I lost this much weight in 1 month. i would say, Never have I lost this much weight in a year. I started to tear up when I saw the the number and realized it was 10 pounds. WOW - Crossfit combined with whole30 really works. I knew I had lost weight because clothes were loose but I NEVER thought 10 lbs. WOW, I'm so excited!!! I'm definitely going to continue to eat this way as much as I can. Today is the last day of the challenge and I'm at my sales meeting. I brought food with me and I was able to have salad at lunch and one of the snacks in the candy bar was Pistachios! I was so excited. While everyone took a cup up Reeses, Sweedish fish (my favorite), chocolates, gummy bears... I took Pistachios! GO me :) Tonight after the group dinner I plan on hanging out at the bar and will have a celebratory drink ( maybe just a few sips) of wine or maybe i'll have Champagne as a toast to celebrate my 10 1b victory and completion of the challenge. This journey has had it's ups and downs. Mostly downs in the beginning when I was nauseaous and the cravings were there. Once I got over the cravings and saw how great I was feeling and how my clothes were getting loose, it became so much easier to stay on track. I've never felt this good before and I'm on track to reaching my goal weight! When New year's came aroud this year I said it was YOS (Year of Sara) So far things are on the right track! I just have to stay positive and take it one day at a time. Little wins are still wins and I can't get upset with setback or frustrated that I'm not where I want to be career and personal life. I have to believe that everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why I am where I am today. Regardless if I win the challenge at Crossfit or not, I have won in other ways!!! Keep Calm and LOVE Life!

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