Tuesday, February 12, 2013

3rd Place!!!!

Woo hoo - I just found out that I won 3rd place in the whole 30 paleo challenge!!! The Nelly #1 song lyrics are in my head. What does it take to be number one? Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers (hey) What does it take to be number one? Hey hey hey hey.. I honestly didn't think I was going to win and I was happy just knowing I lost 10 lbs and am feeling so much better! However, that being said.. I'm super excited to get my prize ( $50) and continue on with this lifestle as much as I can. Ironically, 3 is my lucky number. My birthday is March 3rd or 3/3 as it works out. With the Blizzard I have not been able to get to Crossfit since Tuesday and I'm so ansy to go. I'm looking forward to a good workout tomorrow morning! Keep Calm and Lucky Number 3

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