Friday, February 8, 2013

Nemo Blizzard 2013

First I'd like to ask... who names Blizzards? I was working from home today because of the Nemo Blizzard. This supposedly crippling storm has closed major highways and we are expected to get 2 feet of snow by morning. Why would someone name this Blizzard after the cutest little fish in the sea? Since finishing the whole 30 challenge I really haven't tasted any of my favorite foods. Partly because I wasn't home to go grocery shopping since I was at the Sales meeting. I returned home last night and was just too tired to go brave the super market. This morning I got up early and went to 6am crossfit. Had a great workout deadlifting and hang cleans. I had a personal best for both exercies today! After class I braved Stop & Shop. It was actually really crowded for 7:05am. Everyone was getting final supplies before the storm. I picked up a few non paleo items. Hummus, chips, an easy mac, and dark chocolate chips to make cookies. I figured if I'm snowed in, when better than now to make some warm delicious chocolate chip cookies :) I had the easy mac for lunch and it was beyond tasty. I know it's all artifical and there is no health benefit to any of it but it tasted to good and warm! Oh mac and cheese how I have missed you. I am very cautious that I don't want to gain the weight back that i have lost. I weighed myself this morning after being away all week and i only gained .6lbs. I don't plan on being a psycho about weighing myself but I will be checking to make sure I'm not gaining it back. I figure if I can continue to eat whole30 during the week and most of the weekend it will be ok to have a few non paleo foods on the weekend. That's my plan but if I find that my pants are not at loose I may have to give myself a 30 day challenge again. Keep Calm and Nemo Blizzard!

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