Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kettlebell kickboxing gala

I had the best time today in NYC at the Kettlebell Kickboxing Fitness Gala hosted by Megan Hilty of Smash. all money raised went to the Joyful Heart Foundation. Over 150 people gathered to workout and raise money. Dasha Libin the founder of kettlebell kickboxing taught the class. She was awesome! Lots of great energy,instruction and sweat. I've been using the 44lb kettlebell at Crossfit. The weight today was 4lbs. A totally different routine than what we do at Crossfit but it felt soo light! Hahah I really wish the classes were offered near me so that I could take them during the week. The invitation to the event said to wear bright colored clothes. Think Niki Minaj working out it said. My friend Sarah(partner in crime for all celebrity events) and i wore neon yellow and purple. Great move because most everyone had on pink and black. We stood out int the crowd and had our picture taken a few times. Maybe we'll end up in a magazine next month. After the class we got the chance to talk to Megan hilty. She was so friendly and nice. A real people person not standoffish at alI. i totally felt like we could be friends. Ha there were so many temptations in the city and event today but I stayed strong. After the event we went to Chopt Salad. Salads are good but when you Chop it - it becomes 100 times better. There were So many salad options that were whole30 approved and they even had 2 dressings that had no sugar cheese or mayo! Love you Chopt! Please come to CT! I posted some photos of the event today on Facebook and received many comments of how great I look. It was very nice to hear!
Keep calm and kettlebell strong!


  1. Just wondering which salads/dressings were whole30 approved. Thanks!

    1. I believe it was called the mexican godess. So delicious!