Monday, April 1, 2013

Here I go again!!!

Ok -I'm back on a self 30day paleo challenge. I'm challenging myself to get back to the paleo lifestyle. It's the day after Easter and all the delicious foods and candy - I need a restart. I've gained a few pounds back according to the scale but clothes are still fitting great so I'm hoping the scale has gone up because of muscle gain. I know eating a Paleo diet helped me lose weight and feel great before And i want to see/feel that again! Summer is coming and is really like to feel confident in Wearing a bathing suit. Maybe even wear a Bikini for the first time! Today I already had a few cheats - couple mini Cadbury eggs. Other than that I refrained from carbs and dairy! I went grocery shopping and I'm ready to go for the week! Today at crossfit it was a doozy of pull-ups, lunges, wall balls and thrusters! My legs are already so sore! Tomorrow walking up the stairs may be a little challenging!
Keep calm and back on paleo track!

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