Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Weekend/Week

I just celebrated my hmmmmppp 32 Birthday! Had a great weekend celebrating with friends and family! This Birthday when I blew out he candles on the DELICIOUS Chocolate cake I wished for something different than i normally do. Fingers crossed this year continues to be YOS ( year of sara) Along with the celebration came drinks and awesome food! It's Birthday weekend, obvy I'm going to have some of my favorite foods and I did :) Getting on the scale this week - the little line did tick up a little but nothing too drastic. This week has proven to be a little tricky because i have such AWESOME work friends and they brought me cupcakes, we went bowling ( beer and bowling food) and we went out to lunch. All in all, i've been making good choices and I'm proud of that. I was only able to go to Crossfit on MOnday this week as I had an Early Morning meeting today and had to miss the 6am class. Though I HATE getting up so early to work out, I've made some really nice friends at the 6am class and it's nice to get to class and know tht you have friends motivating you and working hard alongside you. The crossfit games start tomrrow and though i didn't register I will still do the perscribed workouts at Friday's class. Last year's first workout was 7 mins of Burpees. 30 seconds of burpees is awful, I can't even imagine was 7 mins is like! I'm still trying to stick to eating as much of the paleo lifestyle as I can. I still make the pistachio pesto with spaghetti squash at least once a week. My friend Barbi just sent me a recipe for an egg quiche with sweet potatoes that looks ahmazzing - i'll be sure to let you know how it comes out when i make it. Keep Calm and Birthday week!

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