Monday, April 29, 2013

Food train - choochoo!!!

So 2 friends at crossfit invited me to join their food train. They prepare enough foods for eachother for the week that are paleo friendly. They have been doing it since the paleo challenge and really enjoy it. They asked me to join and I jumped at the chance. I made the lunches this week - 15 salads in total. I made Cobb ( with no cheese), spinach salad with strawberries, pecans and grilled salmon and chicken Waldorf salad. All of them came out delicious if you ask me. In return i got omlettes, scrambled eggs with sausage and almond muffins for breakfast. I also got a few dinners that I have even looked at all of them yet. Tonight was mango chicken and carrot salad. This is a great idea and I hope it works! My only hesitation is that I am not sure ill like reheated eggs and my job often has lunch or dinner meetings . Not sure if ill be able to eat everything.
Keep calm and food train!

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