Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This ain't easy!

Anyone who has ever said change was easy obviously has never done a lifestyle change. Changing eating habits is so very hard. It's mind over matter. I realized that I think about food a lot. When I wake up - what will i have for breakfast, eating breakfast - what will I have for lunch, eating lunch - what will my afternoon snack be, snack - what can I make for dinner. Food is all around and I love it. I do, i really love food!! I love eating it and making it ( i love eating it more). Paleo has been rewarding in a sense that I feel great and I'm losing weight but i've also struggled because there are so many comfort foods that I miss. Carbs and cheese. I could get buy with no sweets but I really love Carbs and Cheese. I do - whomever created the Grilled Cheese was a Genius! Finding a balance of paleo living and some comfort foods I have not found out. I'm back on track and eating well. Making choices that allow me to be filled but not full. The first few days back on the diet I have a headache (caffeine,sugar withdrawl) and also a little nauseas ( I don't think i'm eating enough and I'm probably a little dehydrated). My day is just soo busy at work with meetings after meetings I forget to fill my water cup. I need to be more aware of this and drink more WATER, especially on days when I crossfit. I'm also very tired. I should have a ton of energy from eating clean and working out right? Instead I'm tired all the time. I wake up and after I snooze, check facebook, read my horoscope and check the weather, i think about how many hours before I can get back into bed. I need a day with NOTHING and I can just catch up on sleep. Would that ever work? Can you catch up on sleep? Many people are out on vacation this week in my office so temptations have been less. No big meetings with leftover sweets in the chill zone, not as many people asking to order out and no freshly baked goods being brought in as a friendly gesture. Everyone on vacation has actually been good for my waistline and commute. I like routine and the last time i did the diet ( 30 day challenge) by day 12 I was eating the same things and continued to just rotate the same foods in. It was easy, i liked them and i knew i could lose weight eating what i was eating. yes it was boring but hey - i lost 10 lbs. Now i'm only down 7.5 lbs ( i'm hoping some was muscle gain) and I want to be down 10+ again. I have started eating what i ate in January again and i'm beginning to get sick of. there are so many good paleo website, i need to look at the recipes and really lean in on making new exciting recipes. A slow cooker should really become my friend! At crossfit our owner talks about setting a goal and having metrics to measure it. Not just, i want to lose 20lbs. What is the timeframe and how will you do it. So here it is, I want to lose 20lbs. I will do it but continuing my crossfit training 3-4times a week, running outside or on a treadmill at least 1 additional day to crossfit, eating paleo lifestyle 5-6 days a week. I plan on losing 20lbs by 9/1. That's only 5lbs a month... i got this. Keep Calm and Set Goals

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